What is coming next in Forvo?

February 8, 2020

Many of you have shown an interest recently in what we are currently working on in Forvo and we wanted to share with you the things are coming the following months.

Specifically, we are working hard on three different aspects:

On the one hand, we want our site to be safer. Many users might have noticed lately some limitations in the use of the website due to the changes we are introducing.

On the other hand, in a few weeks, the recording possibilities for words that can have multiple pronunciations will increase. After implementing the changes in this sense, words like “record” in English will be able to be recorded in different ways, displaying all the possible variants each spelling can have.

Moreover, by summer, we hope to launch a brand-new version of the app “Forvo Pronunciation” for smartphones. This new app will bring more functionalities and a more intuitive design that you will surely love.

Finally, we would like to thank once more all who continue contributing to Forvo one way or another, making the site continuously more useful.

Forvo Team